Our client, Claudia Cochină, is opening INSPIRA, a new school in Romania. She needs help to equip her classrooms!

High Quality Education

INSPIRA will provide exceptional education for Grades 1 through 12 with an approach that nourishes passions and talents, helping students become original thinkers and independent learners.

There’s also a focus on developing multiple life-skills, and entrepreneurial mindsets, while fostering wellbeing and a sense of purpose.

Our Investment

The Infused Impact team has been working with Claudia over the last 17-months on her business plan, financials, etc.

We’re excited to see her vision become a reality, and we’ve issued financing to help operationalize this venture that will create 20 jobs in its first year.

Meet Claudia

Claudia, a seasoned educator and entrepreneur, grew up in communist Romania and lived through the hardships of the system – no heat, no electricity, queueing for hours for groceries etc. She sees how Romania’s current educational system does not equip students for today’s opportunities – thousands leave the country each year for better education. But through INSPIRA Claudia is literally changing Romania, by investing in the next generation.

Help Fund the Classrooms

To help INSPIRA succeed, Claudia needs school furniture and equipment – chairs, desks, computers, smart-boards, supplies etc.
  • 1 child – $700
  • 5 children – $3,200
  • 10 children – $6,500
Any amount is welcome. Thank you for joining with us and Claudia in this exciting opportunity!

Write “INSPIRA” in the comment box.
100% of your gift will go directly to these efforts.

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