Since day one of the invasion into Ukraine, our partners (Urspack and their foundation Fight for Freedom) on the Ukraine/Romania border have significantly scaled their refugee crisis response.

150 full-time local volunteers are now engaged, with additional resources from local businesses, churches, and other NGOs mobilized.


This urgent relief work comprises of 5 programs:

Food & Supply Convoys into Ukraine

15-20-truck convoys of food, water, medicines, and critical supplies head over the border daily to Ukrainian cities including the capital, Kyiv. A recent convoy brought 2-tons of medicines/medical supplies to a children’s hospital in Cernauti, Ukraine. These convoys have now reached tens of thousands of people.

This convoy destined for Cernăuți, Ukraine made an unscheduled stop at the border to distribute blankets to refugees.
A quick look inside the Freedom tent.

Refugee Relief at the Border

At the largest Ukraine/Romania border crossing, a large tent has been erected where food, shelter, and heat is provided for refugees who have waited many hours or even days in the cold to cross the border. This Freedom Tent is staffed 24/7, with 3 8-hour shifts of 20-30 volunteers providing desperately needed and even life-saving relief to exhausted refugees.

Refugee Housing and Care

Shelter is provided at a homeless shelter Fight For Freedom operates and at their 44-room Freedom House building.  Last week, they began renovating to repurpose the building for refugee housing. With a maximum sleeping capacity of 300 refugees, they are now sheltering hundreds of refugees daily, providing food, medicine, clothing, a place to sleep for 1-3 nights, and assistance in connecting/relocating with friends/family in other countries. They are currently working on additional housing for refugees in tents erected on land surrounding the building.

Breakfast served at the Freedom House for some of the first refugees to arrive

Refugee Transport from the Border

Transport is provided for refugees from the Ukrainian border into Romania, a vital service since public transportation isn’t available. They have been conducting these transports using borrowed minibuses which is unsustainable, so we’re now raising funds to purchase 5 minibuses.

Coordination for Refugee Relief and Resettlement

Fight For Freedom has created a logistical hub system for Romanian NGOs, churches, and volunteers to coordinate refugee relief and resettlement work. Named Razom, (in English means “Together”) this effort addresses the long-term need for refugee services, including resettlement into long-term living situations.

All of this has been made possible by the support of our donors. Thank you for your generosity!

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Freedom House Bedroom

Volunteers preparing food for distribution

The Freedom House, Romania