Developing Business in Developing Nations

Developing Business in Developing Nations

Creating Jobs

A lack of high quality, stable employment helps keep millions in poverty in our world.
We are working to create high quality jobs through locally empowered ventures in developing nations. We do this through:

Training & mentorship for new entrepreneurs

Business Planning/ Development/ Consulting

Start up Capital

Measuring Impact

We are tracking how the jobs our clients create help reduce poverty in their regions through these indicators:

Poverty Indicators
  • Water deprivation

  • Food Deprivation

  • Deprivation of sanitation facilities

  • Information deprivation (ie media)

  • Health deprivation

  • Shelter deprivation

  • Education deprivation

Family Indicators
  • Family abandonment – Regular presence of fathers in the family

  • Child abandonment – Children being cared for at home

  • Child labor – Children under 15 not in exploitative work

Community Indicators
  • Gifts to family/community/non profits

  • Community participation

  • Taxes paid

Building Strategic Partnerships

Our approach to developing business in developing nations empowers:

Stronger Communities

Connection into local Non-Profits/Community Projects/Churches

Stronger Supply Chains

Connection for the locally empowered ventures into larger companies