Reducing Poverty by
Developing Business in Developing Nations

Nolny Aphonse

Urspack: Romania

A packaging company started by Gheorghe Ignat & Vasile Ursaciuc.

Nolny Aphonse

Ballistic Burgers: Rwanda

A mobile fast food venture started by Richard Rusa.

Nolny Aphonse

Inspira: Romania

A new K-12 private school in Romania started by Claudia Cochina.

Nolny Aphonse

Petite Ferme: Haiti

A wholesale chicken farm started by Dasmin, Harold & Herode.

Nolny Aphonse

OC Medical Center: Haiti

A local hospital/medical center in North Haiti founded by Dr. Leslie Manigat

Nolny Aphonse

Piata9: Romania

A multi-food experience destination eatery started by Daniel and Anca Galea.

Nolny Aphonse

Gonaïves Manufacturing Co.: Haiti

A consumer goods manufacturing business started by Ariel & Valery.

Nolny Aphonse

AKI Garments: Rwanda

A clothing design and manufacturing company started by Marc Gwamaka.

Measuring Impact

As these entrepreneurs and others grow their companies and create more employment opportunities we will be tracking how the jobs they create help reduce poverty in their regions. 

Specifically we are tracking how these jobs have helped reduce:

  • food deprivation
  • water deprivation
  • deprivation of sanitation facilities
  • health deprivation
  • shelter deprivation
  • education deprivation
  • information deprivation (ie media)
  • family abandonment – regular presence of fathers in the family
  • child abandonment – children being cared for at home 
  • child labor – children under 15 not in exploitative work

And we are looking to track increases in:

  • gifts to family/community/nonprofits
  • community participation
  • taxes paid