In developed nations like the U.S. Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) contribute the most to GDP and job creation but in developing countries they account for just 16%. This gap is known as the Missing Middle. The Missing Middle have huge capacity to reduce poverty through job creation. Our partners help us provide access to consulting and capital that is out of reach for most SMEs in developing nations. Reducing Poverty by Creating Jobs.

Individual Partners

  • Become an Infused Investor – donate to our funds

  • Engage directly with one of our clients (mentoring, training etc.)

  • Practically support one of our clients (specialized equipment, consulting etc.)

Business Partners

In partnership with Infused Impact your company can help reduce poverty by supporting gifted local entrepreneurs to create more jobs.

  • Become an Infused Investor – donate to our funds

  • Hold mentoring calls/video conferences with one of our clients

  • Provide hands-on training through onsite visits

  • Receive updates from Infused Impact to share with your wider team

Employee Satisfaction

Foster employee fulfillment by helping them make a difference in communities in development nations.

Empowered Workforce

Empower your employees through unique experiences in cross cultural contexts.

Aligned CSR

Focus your Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives on areas that compliment your services.

Experience your investment in action

We facilitate short trips for our partners, with activities tailored to the entrepreneur they are supporting. These trips provide a valuable experience for our partners as they are more than tourists in an under developed nation. Rather they have the opportunity to directly help lift people out of poverty using their expertise in their field of excellence.