Haiti’s extreme unrest with gangs controlling the country is severely disrupting businesses, customers and employees. Valery and Ariel, co-owners of the Gonaives Manufacturing Co., had artisan product held up by gangs blocking roads to their shipper in the capital. Not to be deterred, these tenacious entrepreneurs secured space on a small local plane, which landed in a “field/airport” near their facility, to ensure GMC’s goods reached their US customer via a shipping company in Port-au-Prince.

Meanwhile with almost no gas available, there’s limited/no electricity but Dr. Manigat, owner of the Ouanaminthe Community Medical Center, has amazingly expanded surgical services thanks to a solar power system financed by an Infused Impact recoverable grant. His team just completed their first prosthetic surgery. Now, local patients do not need to travel to the Dominican Republic to undergo surgery, instead the OCMC team can diagnose and operate all in the same space – expanding healthcare, creating jobs, reducing poverty.

These are just a few of the remarkable Haitian business owners that are going above & beyond under very challenging circumstances. We’re humbled and inspired by their commitment, tenacity and hope – and stand with them praying for better days ahead.