Join us by shopping for Christmas gifts from 2nd Story Goods

Their curated collection of artisan goods are manufactured & distributed by an Infused Impact client in Haiti, the Gonaïves Manufacturing Co. (GMC) owned by Valery & Ariel.

GMC is being formed by spinning off from 2nd Story Goods for which Valery & Ariel have worked for 8+ years. GMC will provide jobs for 8 staff & significant income for dozens of artisans in their region. Over the last 6-months we’ve worked with these entrepreneurs on their new biz plan, cash flow, supply chain, procuring equipment etc. We’ve previously visited their operations & have seen their growth potential in 2022.

This is a Haitian run solution to reducing poverty, leveraging a strong U.S. partnership to provide timely access to a wider market. And their quality products create impact – lots of wins here!

Find your perfect Christmas gift:

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