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A Romanian Business Stepping In to Help

Urspack are helping provide shelter for Ukrainian refugees in partnership with their foundation – Fight for Freedom

An Immediate Response

On the morning of Thursday February 24th, Urspack (a packaging company), with their Fight for Freedom foundation, mobilized local volunteers in an immediate response to the refugee crisis emerging on the Romania/Ukraine border.

Based in Suceava, in NW Romania

  • Urspack’s factory is just 40 minutes from the border

  • Convoys of vehicles carrying Ukrainian refugees are attempting to cross into Romania

Urspack/Fight for Freedom volunteers already on the ground

  • Distributing food & drinking water at the border

  • Housing 130 refugees in the first 24hrs

  • Now preparing shelter for another 170 refugees

The team at the Ukraine/Romania border & the 1st family arrives

A focused response to the immediate need

  • Distributing food & water at the border for those waiting for hours/days

  • Providing safe transport to local shelters

  • Offering warm & safe shelter, food, wi-fi, & support for families

Increasing capacity at The Freedom House Shelter

Infused Impact is partnering with Urspack to finalize the Freedom House room renovations to house more families crossing the border, and provide food, shelter and ongoing support for as many Ukrainian refugees as possible.

The Latest Updates

Ukraine Aid Efforts Continue

April 12th, 2022|

On a recent visit to Romania the Infused Impact Co-Founders joined our partner’s aid convoy into Ukraine to deliver food & supplies. These daily convoys are fueled by many generous individuals & businesses, including

Ukrainian Refugee Response Update

March 11th, 2022|

Donate Now Since day one of the invasion into Ukraine, our partners (Urspack and their foundation Fight for Freedom) on the Ukraine/Romania border have significantly scaled their refugee crisis response.150 full-time

A Community Led Response

Local Volunteers Pitch In

A volunteer army of tradespeople are renovating the unfinished rooms at the Freedom House. 11 rooms are now occupied, while other families are being sheltered in local hotels and homes.

Food & Shelter Provided

Donated meals are prepared at the Freedom House and other shelters for families who have made it across the border. Other volunteers have been distributing aid at the border.

100% of your donation will go directly to this need

Help us raise $250,000

We’re sending funds directly to the Fight for Freedom foundation in Romania as they come in.
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Write “Ukraine Refugee” in the comment box.
100% of your gift will go directly to these efforts.

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