Richard Rusa, owner of Ballistic Burgers – a Rwanda-based mobile fast food venture, is on a mission to change lives through incredible burgers!

A computer scientist and huge foodie, Richard began sharing his burger creations with friends and family during the COVID lockdown from the kitchen in his home. As word got out, demand grew for his high quality, gourmet creations! So Richard turned to his computer science background, he leveraged app-based ordering directly to his expanded kitchen and hired a cook.

Today his team of 12 cooks, operations staff and delivery drivers have become the foundation for a big vision – to become the leading fast-food chain in Africa, creating innovative comfort food experiences with an African touch priced accessibly.

Ballistic Burgers prioritizes fresh graduates, refugees and other overlooked potential employees in its hiring practice and currently employs two refugees from Burundi. This mission driven business plans to create over 60 staff and 40 contract jobs in the next 2 years.

Infused Impact is helping Richard develop the business plan for his next season. As Ballistic Burgers grows, Richard plans more direct trade with local farmers, supporting the farm to table economy. The new jobs (cooks, admin, drivers, sales) will be a solution for various skill sets in the labor market, and will help change lives, grow the local economy, and further reduce poverty in Rwanda!