Pastor Ruslan in Kiev just connected with our partners at Fight for Freedom in Romania and asked for urgent supplies – food, medicine, blankets etc. People in his region haven’t eaten for 48 hours and medical supplies are urgently needed.


Yesterday his wife made it across the Ukraine/Romania border and was transported by the Fight for Freedom team to their shelter – Ruslan remains in the Ukraine.


Tonight our partners are sending a convoy of 20 vehicles into Ukraine where Ruslan is organizing trucks to take some of that aid on the next leg to Kiev. This Fight for Freedom volunteer-led convoy is transporting donated supplies from businesses, churches, and individuals from all around Romania, including some of Infused Impact’s other Romanian clients. Daily convoys into Ukraine will continue for as long as donations allow.


As of today 100+ Ukrainian refugees are going through our partner’s 2 shelters every 24-48hrs (shelter capacity will increase to 300+ over the next week or so). Most refugees stay 24-48 hours and want to move onto a specific location, or meet with friends/family in different regions of Europe. So the Fight for Freedom team set up a “war room” the center to help coordinate each refugee request, booking/paying for train/bus tickets, transporting families to the stations, coordinating supplies/volunteers etc.


This couldn’t happen without the generous support of all our donors – thank you!
Pastor Ruslan in Kiev speaks to Ghita in Suceava, Romania asking for help

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