We were devasted to learn that Green Garden’s pepper crop has been destroyed. An unusual period of rain fueled an undetected soil fungus, and six months of back breaking work were lost in a mere two weeks with the peppers literally turning to a pulp.

Thankfully Guiler, Green Garden’s founder, had successfully sold some of the early crop. The proceeds are enough to buy new seed and start again.

Guiler reflected on the situation, stating, “I’m the protagonist of my own story & a protagonist has to go through a lot of struggles before he gets to the good ending.”

He presented Infused Impact with a new plan, a solid solution based on insight learned from this challenging setback – Green Garden will plant green onions for the rest of the season. While they’ll produce less profit they’ll generate enough cash to stay in business.

The Green Garden team are now back out in the fields pulling up the infected plants, burning them, then aerating & preparing the soil.

The protagonist refuses to give up – his story continues.

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