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Reduce Poverty by Creating Jobs in Developing Nations

Growth during a pandemic

Creating jobs for some of the most vulnerable directly impacted by the global crisis

One of our first grants

Financing new equipment & a new factory for Urspack – helping them create more jobs.

A Romanian packaging company

  • Located in Suceava, in NW Romania

  • Co-owned by Ghita and Puiu, Suceava locals

Employing formerly incarcerated people

  • Without employment they would be destitute

  • Profits given to their partner charity Fight For Freedom, providing prison outreach, workplace training, life-skills programs

  • Renovating a 40-bed transitional home offering a 1-yr employment & reintegration program for formerly incarcerated people

Infused Impact’s Recoverable Grants Change Lives

Putting vulnerable workers back to work.
Preventing poverty.

Over the last two years Infused Impact’s recoverable grants to Urspack enabled their furloughed staff to be immediately re-assigned to their new factory construction project, keeping them out of poverty. Other Urspack staff helped migrate their restaurant packaging products to food take-out packaging, which has boomed during the pandemic. As a result 33 new employees were added, new machines purchased and their new factory is nearing completion

Shutdowns: disproportionate loss in developing nations

  • Limited healthcare options

  • $100bn left emerging markets in developing countries during the pandemic’s first two months

  • Developing nations have few economic options to minimize disruption

Supporting Efforts Making Immediate Impact

During the lockdowns Urspack has:

  • Secured and donated urgent medical supplies

  • Printed vital health information on takeout food packaging

  • Offered free food packaging to local hospital kitchens

  • Delivered meals to their vulnerable staff

A Brighter Future is Possible

Past Growth

Urspack has been growing year over year, with almost all profits supporting their prison outreach and training, restoration, and reintegration of formerly incarcerated people. By helping keep their workforce employed, purchasing new equipment and financing their factory construction they are now positioned to continue growing and impacting lives in their region

Future Expansion

Our recoverable grants to Urspack are helping them construct a new factory, expand their product line to meet growing needs of the market, and hire more of the most vulnerable people in Romania.

Create jobs. Prevent poverty. Invest in growth.

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Our grants to Urspack and others are 100% recoverable. Meaning they will be paid back, and Infused Impact will re-use the funds to help other gifted entrepreneurs in developing nations to lift themselves and their communities out of poverty.

Infused Impact is a registered 501c3 charity. Donations to the Infused Impact SME Job Growth Fund are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.